Availability and Prices

Last updated Friday 4 Oct 2019

Each week runs Saturday to Saturday, but we are flexible on start and end days. The blue weeks are still available, the ones in red and grey are taken. If you would like to book any weeks, please see here to see how to contact us.

October 2019
40Sat Oct 5Sat Oct 12£550Part
41Sat Oct 12Sat Oct 19£550No
42Sat Oct 19Sat Oct 26£550No
43Sat Oct 26Sat Nov 2£550No
November 2019
44Sat Nov 2Sat Nov 9£450Yes
45Sat Nov 9Sat Nov 16£450Yes
46Sat Nov 16Sat Nov 23£450Yes
47Sat Nov 23Sat Nov 30£450Yes
48Sat Nov 30Sat Dec 7£450Yes
December 2019
49Sat Dec 7Sat Dec 14£450Yes
50Sat Dec 14Sat Dec 21£450Yes
51Sat Dec 21Sat Dec 28£550No
52Sat Dec 28Sat Jan 4£550No
January 2020
1Sat Jan 4Sat Jan 11£500Yes
2Sat Jan 11Sat Jan 18£500Yes
3Sat Jan 18Sat Jan 25£500Yes
4Sat Jan 25Sat Feb 1£500Yes
February 2020
5Sat Feb 1Sat Feb 8£500Yes
6Sat Feb 8Sat Feb 15£500Yes
7Sat Feb 15Sat Feb 22£500Part
8Sat Feb 22Sat Feb 29£500No
9Sat Feb 29Sat Mar 7£500No
March 2020
10Sat Mar 7Sat Mar 14£500Part
11Sat Mar 14Sat Mar 21£500Yes
12Sat Mar 21Sat Mar 28£500Yes
13Sat Mar 28Sat Apr 4£600Yes
April 2020
14Sat Apr 4Sat Apr 11£600Yes
15Sat Apr 11Sat Apr 18£600Yes
16Sat Apr 18Sat Apr 25£600Yes
17Sat Apr 25Sat May 2£600Yes
May 2020
18Sat May 2Sat May 9£600Yes
19Sat May 9Sat May 16£600Part
20Sat May 16Sat May 23£600Part
21Sat May 23Sat May 30£600Yes
22Sat May 30Sat Jun 6£750Yes
June 2020
23Sat Jun 6Sat Jun 13£750Yes
24Sat Jun 13Sat Jun 20£750Yes
25Sat Jun 20Sat Jun 27£750Yes
26Sat Jun 27Sat Jul 4£750Yes
July 2020
27Sat Jul 4Sat Jul 11£750Yes
28Sat Jul 11Sat Jul 18£750Yes
29Sat Jul 18Sat Jul 25£750Yes
30Sat Jul 25Sat Aug 1£750Yes
August 2020
31Sat Aug 1Sat Aug 8£750Yes
32Sat Aug 8Sat Aug 15£750Yes
33Sat Aug 15Sat Aug 22£750Yes
34Sat Aug 22Sat Aug 29£750Yes
35Sat Aug 29Sat Sep 5£750Yes
September 2020
36Sat Sep 5Sat Sep 12£750Yes
37Sat Sep 12Sat Sep 19£750Yes
38Sat Sep 19Sat Sep 26£750Yes
39Sat Sep 26Sat Oct 3£600Yes
October 2020
40Sat Oct 3Sat Oct 10£600Yes
41Sat Oct 10Sat Oct 17£600Yes
42Sat Oct 17Sat Oct 24£600Yes
43Sat Oct 24Sat Oct 31£600Yes
44Sat Oct 31Sat Nov 7£500Yes
November 2020
45Sat Nov 7Sat Nov 14£500Yes
46Sat Nov 14Sat Nov 21£500Yes
47Sat Nov 21Sat Nov 28£500Yes
48Sat Nov 28Sat Dec 5£500Yes
December 2020
49Sat Dec 5Sat Dec 12£500Yes
50Sat Dec 12Sat Dec 19£500Yes
51Sat Dec 19Sat Dec 26£600Yes
52Sat Dec 26Sat Jan 2£600Yes

If you would like to book any weeks, please see here to see how to contact us >>.

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